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Human Service Worker of the Year 2016

Shown right to left: Gina Costabile, Coordinator, C&A Inc., Brenda Merritt (2016 Human Service Worker of the Year) and John Rapano, Chair, Fayette Human Service Council, Inc.

The 2016 Human Service Worker of the Year was honored at this year's FCHSC December Membership Meeting held on December 9th. Brenda Merritt, personal attendant employed by C&A Inc D/B/A Abby Health Services, Inc. was nominated by Gina Costabile, coordinator for the same agency. Gina wrote the following when nominating Brenda:

"Brenda has been an employee of the company for 9 years. She is caring and a hard worker. She has gone out of her way to ensure the comfort and safety... of her clients. On many occasions, she has brought meals that she has cooked for her own family to share with her clients who are alone. She has a warm and cheerful personality that brightens the clients moods and always arrives with a smile on her face. She is always happy to lend a helping hand and goes above and beyond the call of duty. She truly puts the Care in caregiver. She provides care to consumer’s as if they were her own family members. Whether it is providing personal care with the upmost dignity or lifting a consumer’s spirits or helping to bake cookies for the holidays, Brenda is always cheerful and caring in all she does. Brenda is always willing to pick up an extra shift to ensure the client’s get the care that they need. Brenda is one of the most requested attendants among client and their family members. I highly recommend Brenda Merritt as Human Service Worker of the Year as she exemplifies what it means to be a caring and professional caregiver to those in need. If not for Brenda and those like her, there would be many sick, infirmed, and disabled who would not be able to remain in the home they love."

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