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Each year, the Fayette County Human Service Council recognizes the hard work and effort of an individual who serves the Fayette County community through a “Worker of the Year Award”. The Council accepts nominations in the Fall of each year and carefully selects one winner to be recognized at an Annual Dinner held each December. Members gather to recognize the chosen individual who goes above and beyond to make Fayette County a better place to live. This past year the council proudly recognized Dr. Anette DeNardo for her longstanding dedication and service to the community.

Anette was nominated by Fayette County Community Action Agency’s Circle’s Program Coordinator, Sue Ann Priemer stating that Anette has been an inspiration to program participants. Prior to volunteering with Circles, Anette was employed by California University of Pennsylvania as a professor of Math and Computer Sciences.

Since retiring, she has devoted her time to giving back to the community. Anette serves as a volunteer crisis worker with the American Red Cross in Southwestern PA as well as in a variety of roles at her church, St. John’s Evangelic Catholic Church. With Circles, Anette leads a quilting group for Circles participants, “Circle’s Quilting Circle”. “Her warm sense of caring shows through in all she does.” says Sue Ann Priemer.

Anette is well known throughout the area and thought of fondly by many. Dave Rider, Director of Mental Health Programs at Fayette County Behavioral Health and outgoing Human Service Council Board Member comments on Anette’s ability to influence and positively impact those around her “Anette awakens gifts that have been dormant but that already resided in the hearts of those who felt broken, marginalized, disenfranchised, and alone. Anette helps people find self-worth through awakening the God-given gifts that were already present. She encourages others to feel self-empowered and thankful for an abundance of blessings.”

It is the mission of the Fayette County Human Service Council to build relationships among Fayette County human service workers to strengthen partnerships, outreach and advocacy. One effective way the council does this is through recognizing the hard work of individuals who provide direct service to others in the community. The Council supports and celebrates the work of organizations and individuals. To learn more about becoming a member or upcoming workshops, please visit the Human Service Council website at

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